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Transport Modelling Transport Modelling Transport Modelling Transport Modelling


Modelling in extensive detail including parallel paths to
obtain a complete picture.

Building Models

GUI & Training

These interfaces allow
planners & engineers to use
their own models for testing different futures.

Public Transport


Model and analyse the
impacts of changes on cars,
bus, rail, light rail, cycle, walk modes and infrastructure.

Freight Trucks


Model and analyse the effects
of the seasonal and different movement patterns of these specialist trips.



Model at the broad level for informed transport policy
making decisions.

Welcome to Transport Modelling

Transport Modelling was established in 1990 to specialise in the numerical and analytical aspects of the land use transport interaction.

We provide comprehensive transport information services derived from existing and future land use predictions and alternative transport infrastructures, as well as from extensive sources of data. We liaise dynamically with our private and public sector clients to ensure that all their needs are met.

We believe that transport models are a useful tool in the informed planning decision making process. It is our greatest desire that every transport engineer and planner should have a transport model on their desk that can be accessed easily for constant referral. Our user interfaces allow this to happen for the models that we have implemented.

Our Services

  • Provide Transport Planning & Modelling Expertise
  • Develop New Transport Models
  • Enhance Existing Transport Models
  • Analyse & Report on Traffic Issues
  • Extract Non-Standard Model Outputs to
    Solve Transport Problems
  • Train Transport Modellers
  • Develop User Interfaces for Planners & Engineers
  • Convert Transport Models

Specialists in the land use & transport interaction

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