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Transport Modelling has the advantage that our staff are very experienced. The employees have a complete understanding as to how the real world is represented in the specialised transport models. They are true professionals in using existing, enhancing and developing models for interpreting and reporting on the land use/transport interaction. Our team is broadened with the use of highly skilled associates from the wide range of interacting fields including environmental, economic, engineering, social and heritage.


Director - Paul van den Bos

Paul van den Bos

Paul’s expertise in transport modelling is particularly enhanced by his exceptional computer skills. This has allowed him to write program scripts to ensure results are repeatable. It has also enabled him to extract and combine data from many sources to produce high class accurate models and results. In addition, he writes interface software that enables traffic engineers and planners to use the models he builds. Paul strives to extend the boundaries creating new and different ideas to solve problems.

He is the founding director of Transport Modelling formed in 1990. He has completed scores of projects over his working life. Modelling projects have been completed in:

  • Major cities such as Brisbane, Canberra, Christchurch, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth
  • Major country and regional centres such as Maitland, Newcastle, Wagga Wagga and Wollongong, and
  • Regional districts such as Far North Queensland and the Wide Bay Burnett Region

Paul holds a Master of Engineering Science in Transport and Highways and a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) degree from the University of NSW. He also attained a university medal.

He has refereed a Master of Urban and Regional Planning thesis for Queensland University and lectured on transport modelling at post graduate level for the University of New South Wales and Sydney University of Technology. All of his working life has been in transport and computer related fields.

Government Modelling Panels

These panels have been established for the governments to purchase modelling skills quickly. Paul is on the:

  • Transport for New South Wales, Bureau of Transport Statistics Transport Modelling Panel
  • Queensland Transport Main Road Public Transport Modelling Panel, and
  • ACT Territory and Municipal Services Transport Planning Consultancy Services Panel

He has been on these panels since their inceptions.

Director - Narelle van den Bos

Narelle van den Bos

Narelle is also a foundation director in the company. Her dominant skills are in presentation both orally and written. She has the ability to turn difficult concepts into easy to understand presentations. Her reports give succinct answers to transportation issues as well as a more in-depth explanation of the study. Narelle’s extensive experience also ensures the most realistic results and correct interpretation is achieved from the transport models. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Sydney.

Narelle has an extensive understanding of how transport models are designed and calibrated in order to identify and address traffic/transportation issues. In particular how these models can be used to help find alternative solutions. She analyses modelled results and writes reports ranging from detailed to policy type analyses.

She specialises in training client staff to use both Emme and Dynameq transport models that are integrated to the user friendly interface workbook. After training, staff are able to change land use and networks to extract engineering measures of effectiveness such as plots and statistics from the models. She has spent much of her working life teaching adults and children in both specialised and general fields of science, mathematics and computing.

Narelle has given presentations to state government parliamentary members and organisations as well as local government councils. She presented at the ARCGIS Conference (30MB) at Charles Sturt University.

Narelle liaises with stake holders to ascertain the study requirements and other possible issues arising from studies.

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